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How bacon is made Video

This looks just dreamy. I would love to work in that factory if it wasn’t for the resulting heart attack I’d get from the take-homes. If the video wasn’t enough for ya, here’s a great shirt to show off your likes…

Bacon shirt
Bacon View other t-shirts



Nuff Said.

Business Cards I can’t help but ruin

I would probably destroy a whole box of these business cards if they were mine. There’s just something SO TEMPTING about pulling the little tab on these.

(found on flickr)

Those business cards are almost just as tempting as these little guys:

Ahhh… life’s little toys. 🙂

My thoughts on the recent rick-roll blackout

I noticed on yesterday that the Rick Roll Video wasn’t viewable. This is a major staple of all the online pranksters, so news got out quickly about it. It’s of course back up now after such a huge revolt, but there’s a small thing missing now. Maybe it wasn’t there before and I never noticed it… you can’t embed the video into your site! You can now view it on youtube, but it can’t be added to say.. this blog.  Not sure if that was an intentional move or not… I find it a little odd though.

Also.. it looks like all the copies of the rick-roll video are all unlinkable as well. How odd.