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Obama FTW

There weren’t that many choices for decent ftw t-shirts in doing a search today.  I think I’m going to have to make some myself. Athough I will admit this simple Obama one is dead on… FTW!


My mom… mothers day, and my first REAL present – Photo Mugs

I’m lucky when it comes to being able to remember mother’s day. It’s always about a week after my moms birthday. I easily remember my mom’s B-Day because hers is the first day of May, and mine is the 31st.. the last day. It couldn’t get any easier to remember this critical holiday. I remember how she didn’t get the attention she wanted on it one year and it involved alot of stress and crying on her part… I don’t think anyone in my family felt more Shi**y ever… you just don’t forget about that person who brought you into this world… you just don’t. It wasn’t me who screwed things up that year… I’m pretty sure it was my dad, but still, I’ve had my eyes peeled in May ever since then. I bought my mom her usual birthday gift of a gift certificate and since I was too late to get a card into the mail, I had to spend $50 on flowers and a little “happy birthday” note on them. She loved them but hopefully next year I’ll remember the $2 card and stamp.

Anyways, for Mothers Day this year, alot has happened in her life and I’m wanting to make sure she’s in the best of moods. I’ve never had any real ideas of what to get her that isn’t some sort of gift certificate/money. I don’t have too many photos of myself as a kid(she’s got them) but I’m thinking of making one of these photo mugs.

I’ve got one photo in my mind that I think she’d melt seeing on a mug. She doesn’t drink anything but decaf coffee but I bet she’ll love this when she gets it. This is the template I’m going to use..

I’ve got some errands to do tomorrow, but I’ll scan in my photo tomorrow and see how this works out.

Flickr Groups

I’ve been getting more and more into Flickr’s groups feature. I normally just use the search tool with most sites, but I’m actually finding really good sets of photos in the groups a little easier than searching through thousands of photos. Nothing quite beats hand selected images I’m finding out… but, I must say that people have way too much time on their hands, and are in to some really weird things.. some might even call it odd. And now, thanks to flickr’s groups, I’ve got an easier way to find all the stangeness without spending hours like I used to. Hell, I even found a picture of Tom.